Minimal styling but maximum expressiveness and strength.

Crossover styling under the concept of “Simple & Iconic” . The aim of the design is to make a strong impression at first sight, while keeping the structural elements of design, such as the lines, surfaces and curves extremely simple.

Simple & Iconic Design.

Inside and out, the design consists of simple lines and surfaces. The adoption of simple yet uniquely designed functional components gives the Ignis a cabin space that has real personality. The design combines a high-quality atmosphere with the dynamism of a crossover vehicle.

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Adjustable luggage space to fit your life.

The 50:50-split sliding rear seats can be folded down from the luggage side as well; folding down the seat backs makes it possible to arrange the space for various kinds of luggage.

1.2 DUALJET engine incorporates an unique injection system that greatly improves thermal efficiency by increasing the compression ratio. It provides a high-level balance between powerful driving and excellent fuel efficiency for a compact engine.

Advanced technology bring peace of mind everyday.

The ignis is equipped with two cameras that like the human eye can gauge the distance and shape of objects ahead. From their size and shape, it can detect vehicles, pedestrians and even lanes on the road. Three cutting-edge safety features harness the camera: Dual Camera Brake Support(DCBS), lane departure warning function and weaving alert function.