Leave Your Preconceptions Behind

From the moment you set eyes on the Baleno, you’ll know that everything is different now. A new, refined excitement that grabs your heart and won’t let go – a sense of delight that changes your preconception of what a car can be. When you take off in a Baleno, you ride at the vanguard of a thrilling new life.

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Is the Design Discerning?

We wanted to incorporate new design into the style of the vehicle without losing its individuality. The Baleno combines a low and wide form for outstanding stabiligy with a body shaped by dynamically flowing curves. This painstaking attention to design is what grabs the viewer’s heart and refuses to let it go.

Some features shown in photos may not be available locally. Please speak with your Suzuki sales representative for more information.

Does It Compromise on Spaciousness?

Our focus on style didn’t lead us to neglect the pursuit of spaciousness. The Baleno offers best-in-class cabin space, with plenty of room for adults to ride in comfort while also securing generous storage capacity for luggage. This sense of comfort and opennnes is what makes going out fun.

A Stylish User-friendly Instrument Panel

The Baleno instrument panel follows the low and wide design concept of the exterior, creating an expansive interior space. The innovative design of the instrument panel centre, with easily operated display audio and automatic air conditioning controls accentuates the cockpit.

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Is It Exhilarating to Drive?

The Baleno not only offers outstanding performance but also makes driving fun. To achieve such excellent driving performance, the Baleno incorporates a new powertrain and a lighter new-generation platform. This is a car that tempts you to keep driving on and on.

High Levels of Performance and Fuel Efficiency

The refined K14B engine, aerodynamic and lightweight body contribute to an ideal blend of dynamism and efficiency to deliver driving pleasure. The suspension is tuned to optimise responsive and assured handling while providing superior ride comfort. The combination of the suspension and rigid body provides a perfect fit that enhances driving stability and NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness) performance.

A New-Generation Platform that Pursues an Ideal Form

Developing the Baleno led to huge leaps in the evolution of its platform. The ideal form of a framework with smooth and continuous curves disperses energy and heightens rigidity while also achieving light weight by eliminating the unnecessary. This new-generation platform elevates fundamental automotive functions like cruising, turning, and stopping to the next level.

Advanced Safety Features for “Just in Case” Support for Drivers

Knowing you’re well protected can make driving more fun and yet many drivers have surely felt a chill when the car in front of them braked suddenly or behaved unexpectedly. In order to ease the burden on such drivers as much as possible, the Baleno is equipped with advanaced preventive safety features such as Radar Brake Support and Adaptive Cruise Control.