It’s sporty, it turns heads, and it’s more than ready for you to take the wheel.

Driving a Chevrolet Cruze is an experience unlike any you’ve had before. That’s because Chevrolet Cruze has redefined everything a compact car should be with one simple word: more. Chevrolet knows that just because Cruze is a compact car doesn’t mean you should expect less. That’s why you get more of everything you need and deserve from styling and performance to efficiency and safety.

All around, it’s more of what your life needs.

Style meets sport

Chevrolet Cruze has a look that demands attention. This sporty coupe features fast-sloping rear pillars that connect to the steeply raked windshield and arching roofline.

Chevrolet Cruze is centered by the strong, attention-grabbing Chevrolet grille and accented by prominent headlamp housings that wrap around the corners and sweep upward into the fenders and hood. And best of all, you can easily express your personal style with a variety of exterior color options.


Chevrolet Cruze leaves a lasting impression with its bold exterior design, but don’t forget that those curves, lines and angles do more than just please the eye and turn heads. The sporty Chevrolet Cruze exterior improves aerodynamics, which in the end, optimizes fuel efficiency.

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Sophisticated splendour

Inside, the twin-cockpit motif is matched with high-quality materials and exceptional assembly tolerances. Soft-touch components and low-gloss trim panels exude a sporty look for a level of quality uncommon in the segment. The interior pillars and moldings are color- and grain-matched to the headliner, while the seat inserts are color-matched to the instrument panel accent trim, giving the interior the feel of a larger, more upscale sedan.

Stylish convenience

When it comes to interior convenience, Chevrolet Cruze is pleasing to the eye and still offers everything you could need right at your fingertips. The center stack houses the infotainment display and air conditioning and radio controls that blend harmoniously with the LED backlit instrument panel.

Take control

When you’re driving Chevrolet Cruze, you’re in control in more ways than one. Enjoy the ease of a remote lock control for fuel tank door, trunk open and for easy access to your vehicle. And when you’re not around your Chevrolet Cruze, you can rest easy knowing it’s protected by a theft-deterrent electrical system.

Get Connected

Bring all your favorite infotainment with you on the go. Chevrolet Cruze makes it easy to access all your devices.You can enjoy the surround sound of the available 6-speaker audio system and connect to a convenient USB port1. You can play your favorite CD or bring up all your MP3 music favorite music. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of the latest infotainment technology while you stay connected as you enjoy the ride.

Sophisticated performance

Get more efficiency out of every dollar you put in the gas tank. With Chevrolet Cruze, you have a choice of powerful engines: either a 1.6L or a smooth powerful 1.8L. This is a compact inline four-cylinder engine that combines competitive output with sophisticated technologies such as dual continuous variable cam phasing (DCVCP) in order to provide low maintenance, low emissions and outstanding fuel economy.


Chevrolet Cruze features high-strength steel in key areas to enhance strength and crash protection by helping to prevent intrusion into the passenger compartment. Underbody main rails extend from the front of the structure all the way to the rear, further enhancing the body’s strength and shape. In the event of a side-impact crash, a cross-structure beam behind the instrument panel supports the body of the vehicle.If a collision should occur, Chevrolet Cruze protects you with 2 standard air bags for driver and front passenger.